Commercial Hot Water

Commercial applications are some of the most cost effective systems that can be implemented.  The more water you have to heat, the more solar water heating systems can save you.  You will also be making a huge contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

The Federal government just announced a 25% rebate for commercial applications of solar water heating systems.  This program is a repackaged version of the REDI program from NRCan called the Eco-Energy Initiative.

Developers and Utility companies that are considering 200 or more single family home installations are also eligible for a grant up to $2,000,000.00.

Weather you are looking to make huge year round reductions or just take care of a percentage of your water heating bill, we can help you in deciding which system will work best.  Your system can be designed to compliment multi-purpose applications that operate simultaneously or in opposing seasons.  For instance, if you have an outdoor pool that you only heat in 3 seasons and you also have radiant hot water heating, we connect the systems so that you get the maximum benefit or solar energy all year round.

The evacuated tube system below is being used to heat a pool in spring, summer, fall and hydronic space heating during the winter, it also provides most of the buildings domestic hot water annually. This system is being utilized to its maximum benefit to increase the payback time and the energy offset.

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