The CamoSun Solar
Seasonal Performance System

The CamoSun Seasonal Performance System was developed at Camosun College right here on Vancouver Island. Our primary objective was to design an affordable system that performed as well or better than most other systems in our climate.  The seasonal performance of this system competes directly with systems that are designed to  work all year like glycol and drain back systems but with a fraction of the maintenance. 

The CamoSun system is also available with Evacuated Tube Collectors that allow the system to run all winter and down to temperatures of minus 15C.  This upgraded system can harness whatever solar energy is available during the cold winter months. 

Solar thermal systems capture up to 70% of the suns energy as compared to about 20% for PV. So why waste that precious roof space to heat hot water with PV when you can use the sun directly  with a thermal solar energy system.

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